Song writer

I have always knew that writing a song is somewhat easy to me but never had the time or motivation to concentrate in it. I remember a song I wrote for a school musical and the good reception it got, writing a song felt natural to me already then.  It was not however until this year that I started to wrote my own music again. My aproach to song writing is emotionally driven. I first improvise something, then refine the harmony, melody and structure of the ideas and last write down the lyrics. The whole process should be ready in one day.

In terms of song writing I'm not aiming for a specific style but using strings, piano and voice feels natural to me. Some of the artist I like myself and who have influenced my music are Antonio Carlos Jobim, Lionel Richie and Stevie Wonder, all good pianists as well.

Here is one song I wrote these summer weeks. So far all my songs are demo versions only that have been made on my home studio with just a laptop computer and few mics. I plan to publish my own music on 2022.