Tehcnology is something I have always been interested in as technology is what makes things happen. Imagine a world without technology! Technology is what gives us freedom to carry out our dreams, such as creating music and distributing it to a larger audience. However there is a side effect in that the more we use technology the more dependent we are on it. This is why some people want to live simple life without technological constraints. But technology actually is never what we aim for. It is what the technology allows us to do which closes it to art. Art however, is about human nature while technology is about adapting to our nature.

I have made a career in IT and hold a MSc in Technology from Helsinki University of Technology (Finland) and Institut Eurecom (France). My master thesis was about helping elders to communicate with their family and friends using IT in a natural and intuitive way. Many of the technologies we used in the prototype back then are mainstream today such as touch panels and video streaming. But what has not reached commercial success though is the digital pen with which one can write hand written notes and send them to others in Internet. My thesis work was called Family Picture and it really was all about pictures and changing them with the close ones in a creative way.

Today technology has become more and more ubiquitous and it is some times hard to make a difference betweem what is real and artificial. This is also what makes technology a bit frightening. What about if we could continue our lives in an artificial world? I don't want to go that far in my thinking.